How To Order

3 Simple Steps

Nobody likes to wait for a reply—that’s why we’re proud to have the only instant bulk price generator and our amazing online hoodie builder! The two new processes allow you to enquire for a large bulk order, or buy and personalise individual university garments! Both effortlessly simple and hugely time-saving!

Bulk Orders

Multi-buy discount

Use the simple bulk order generator to create your exact garment, setup and delivery requirements — within seconds you’ll see your unique price and turnaround times! Submit your quote and get a reply from a member of our team.

If you choose to have an online store, you’ll receive your unique website address for students/parents to order their own sizes, colours & add personalisations. Alternatively, collect orders manually using our supplied spreadsheet.


Create your own design

Start by selecting one of our predesigned templates and then style with your own unique customisations. Order a single item if you missed out on your graduation, or create an online shop and take orders in bulk for your University!